Patron Privacy Policy

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Patron Privacy Policy

The Bemis Public Library is committed to patron confidentiality. The confidentiality of library records is a core component of library ethics and the Bemis Public Library follows the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association.

Patron Privacy and Confidentiality

The Bemis Public Library supports and upholds a library patron’s right to privacy in accordance with Colorado State Law.

Privacy of User Records, CRS 24-90-119

  1. Except as set forth in subsection (2) of this section, a publicly-supported library or library system shall not disclose any record or other information which identifies a person as having requested or obtained specific materials or service or as otherwise having used the library.
  2. Records may be disclosed in the following instances:
    1. When necessary for the reasonable operation of the library;
    2. Upon written request of the user;
    3. Pursuant to subpoena, upon court order, or where otherwise required by law;
    4. To a custodial parent or legal guardian who has access to a minor’s library card or its authorization number for the purpose of accessing by electronic means library records of the minor. 
  3. Any library or library system official, employee, or volunteer who discloses information in violation of this section commits a class 2 petty offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300).

Bemis Public Library will not disclose the use of library materials, services, facilities, or staff assistance unless disclosure is necessary for the reasonable operations of the library or is otherwise required by law.

Bemis Public Library will take all necessary precautions to ensure the confidentiality of patron library records by securing and limiting access to those records by authorized staff members only.

Bemis Public Library will only collect and store personally identifiable information when needed for business purposes.

Patron Responsibility

Individual library patrons may access their own personally identifiable information with their library card via the library’s online catalog.

Patrons should report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible to ensure their own privacy and avoid unauthorized use.

Confidentiality for Children

Bemis Public Library respects the privacy of all patrons no matter the age. Parents or guardians of a child under the age of 18 who wish to obtain access to a child’s library record, including materials checked out, on hold, or overdue, must provide the child’s library card or library card number.

Third Party Vendor Service

Bemis Public Library works with third party vendors to provide access to certain services such as digital content, research databases, and streaming services.

Patrons are encouraged to read and become familiar with the privacy policies of these third-party partners.

Data Collection

Bemis Public Library retains the following information in the patron’s library record for the reasonable operation of the library: patron name, residential address, mailing address (if different), telephone number, email address, date of birth. Library patrons who wish to relinquish their library membership must do so in person, by email, telephone or letter. Personally identifiable information will then be purged from the library’s database within three days of notification provided that library materials have been returned and any outstanding fees have been cleared.

Data Disposal

Bemis Public Library takes reasonable steps to assure data security. The library protects personally identifiable information by shredding, purging, or erasing physical and electronic documents. The library utilizes privacy software that immediately upon computer log off removes cookies, browsing history, cached files, or other computer and Internet use records that are placed on our computers or networks.

Government Requests for Library Records

Library staff will refer any public records request and law enforcement inquiries to the Library Director. The Library Director is authorized to receive or comply with public records requests or inquiries from law enforcement officers. The Library Director may delegate this authority to designated library supervisors. The Library Director may confer with the City Attorney before determining the proper response to any records request. Bemis Public Library records may only be disclosed pursuant to subpoena, upon court order, or where otherwise required by law.

Approved by Library Board, February 5, 2020