Please read your rights and responsibilities here first.

Your rights and responsibilities

Littleton Immigrant Resources Center

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

Dear esteemed volunteers, this page presents a central location where you can learn about and refer back to your rights and our expectations as we work together on the various projects and opportunities, we have at LIRC. Understanding this is a requirement for anyone interested in volunteering with us, but I recommend that everyone check back periodically so that we are all on the same page.

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First and foremost, you can expect courtesy, professionalism, equality, respect, and integrity in how we communicate and treat you.

We will ensure you understand our expectations as a volunteer.

You are not free labor. We recognize that there is a cost associated with everything you do, which we respect, and we pledge to support you and protect your safety, security, and privacy to the best of our ability. 

Our channels are always open to your feedback, concerns, and ideas.

 We will provide regular training and opportunities for personal growth and development. We want you to get as much out of working with us as you put into it!

We will keep you informed of LIRC activities and invite you to commit to our projects and the services that we offer our immigrant neighbors.

You may suspend or cancel the volunteer work you do for us any time that you need to. 



You pledge to follow our policies in the projects that you work on with us.

When you commit to a project, you understand that many people are relying on you and the role you have taken, and you agree to administer that task as you would any other job.

You will be responsible, reliable, punctual, and respectful to all staff, personnel, and clients.

You will keep in close contact with the Education Coordinator, informing us of how your work is going and letting us know of any changes or issues that come up.

Keep sensitive organization and client information confidential.

All clients are expected to pay our office for all services of the LIRC, based on City of Littleton Policy. You understand this, and if a client is non-compliant, agree to terminate the LIRC-sanctioned relationship with them.



LIRC Volunteering process

LIRC volunteer process

   Inquiring and Paperwork
  • Talk to the Education Coordinator about commitment, availability, etc.
  • Complete registration packet.
  • Submit information for a background check.
  Orientation Training
  • Complete a 1.5 hour training session.
    • Learn about lesson planning.
    • Become familiar with teaching materials.
   Matched with a student
  • Education Coordinator will contact you with a potential match based on various factors such as availability, proximity, preferences, etc.
  • You contact the student directly and agree on a tutoring schedule.
  • Meet them and see if this match is going to work.

  • Meet at least once per week for 1 hour.
  • Always meet in a public place.

  • You will get an email at the beginning of each month. Please report your student's progress.
   Community and Recognition
  • Enjoy an annual volunteer appreciation party for all volunteers.
  • Join us on our monthly meetups at a local eatery for conversation, drinks, and food.



We offer many opportunities for volunteering with the LIRC such as one-on-one tutoring (English and Citizenship), helping with specific projects (festivals, workshops, etc.), and others.  Let's talk about how you can volunteer with LIRC.